The well known 'recycle' symbol
All over the world people are trying to conserve our somewhat delicate earth. We are trying to develop new earth-friendly technologies like battery powered cars. Us as humans are also trying to stop pumping unnessacary amounts of sewerage into our oceans. The quantity of rubbish going into our oceans is appaling so we are also trying to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes in the sea by making more convenient wrappings - one that can decompose easily if it were to end up in the ocean. As well as this, some of us are using devices that are more economical. Recycling is a good way to stop rubbish from straying into the sea because it is melted down and made into more useful items.


My view of Antarctica in the future if we do not stop the Global Warming Crisis
The picture on the left will be all that will remain of Antarctica if we do not fix the Global Warming Crisis soon. Statistics show that if the whole of Antarctica melted our world would be in jeopardy because the sea level will rise over 3.5 metres and people, worldwide, who live within 200 kilometres of the coastline would be flooded. It would also be a major disaster for the whole world because fields growing crops would be flooded and all the crops would die. This would have an immense impact on the farming industry. However if we live responsibly and conserve our resources, Antarctica will survive long after us.