Threats to the Antarctic Environment

Melting ice due to Climate Change
Global Warming is a shocking event that is happening all over the world, but much more quickly in some places. Antarctica is one of these places. For example, B15 was a massive ice shelf, the biggest ever on record measuring almost 11 000km long (Bigger than Jamacia), has just recently broken into several pieces. This is just one of many results of Global Warming. Some Antarctic species are on the verge of extinction due not just to Global Warming, but to many other things. One of the most distressing is the amount of rubbish that is found even in this remote area. The rubbish that can't decompose can float around for years. But most rubbish doesn't survive that long without a marine animal mistaking it for food. These animals usually die because it either gets lodged in their throat or stuck, unable to decompose, in their stomach, causing a very slow and painful death. Sewerage is another big problem. This gets pumped into the sea from all over the world. Sewerage disturbs the naural balance in the Antarctic waters and cause sickness and even death the marine life.